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Philly with the Bestest Tour Guide ! - A day in the life of Cathy...
May 8th, 2006
08:20 pm


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Philly with the Bestest Tour Guide !
So as of now, I like Philly.

I can't believe I actually drove around the city! I ate lots of food and meet lots of Robert's friends on Saturday. I went back to Greek Lady and ate a whole platter!!!!! That place is soo good. He took me to a Kentucky Derby party, and I drank a mint juleps (With 3/4th sugar water and mint and 2 drops of whiskey). Then I went to Monk's Cafe for some peach belgium lambic and a hamburger!

Sunday was the bummest day I have ever had. I missed my town's founder's day. That's right I live in a town that's the size of my high school. sigh.

Oh man! commercial of the day:

Yellow Fever!

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